2 plots of land in prime development location for sale in Bulgaria

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Property Type: Land

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Two large plots of land in close proximity to each other overseeing Aheloy and Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

KABLESHKOVO Plot - SIZE : 20,047 m2

The land in Kableshkovo is a prime plot, which is about 430 meters long by 48 meters wide. It is next to an ex-wine making factory which is now a museum. There is a road leading to the museum and there are water and electricity. The land is on top of a cliff overlooking the sea at the front and lakes to the right. It has beautiful views of Aheloy and the sea. It is about 2 kilometers from the main road to Burgas and to the sea.

 METOVO Plot - SIZE : 20,042 m2

The land in Metovo consists of two pieces of land next to each other and is adjacent to a main road. The land is completely flat and is overlooking the tourist town of SUNNY Beach and the sea. Each piece of land is 10,000 square meters. 


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